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San Carlos Auto Performance website design


I always wanted to build an interesting car/auto repair shop website, so this was a fantastic opportunity to put some of my ideas to use.

San Carlos Auto Performance server was hacked and as a result the website was broken. Out of a dozen pages only one - the index page - was working. This created a negative image for this shop and was hurting its high standard of work.


No stock photos = unique, higher quality, more engaging. over 160 photos have been shop, plus numerous others used to create the scenes.

Started in photoshop.

Relaxed, no pressure, way of communication via graphics and marketing copy.

Used drone.

First section is meant to serve as a summary in case a user chooses not to discover/scroll more. Bullet point lists are used to feed the information to the user in a simpler manner, which helps with comprehension, and in turn a positive action. It contains reinforces such as user feedback, linked directly to their Yelp account. Another easily accessible way to get in touch quickly is the customized chat window, where one of the shop staff can easily answer any questions potential, or existing customers might have. User is reassured once again of the fine service this shop provides to its customers byincorporating several user-submitted reviews as referenced from their Yelp account.

Wanted to start on the outside, and as the user discovers the website, take them inside of the shop, which is how it is sectioned. Wanted the user to be pulled into the environment.

Refined the brand and identity.

No need for more than one page to start with. This forces you to better optimize your copy, making it more concise, keyword-rich, easier to comprehend, and digest.

Website is super light weight, single-page, custom coded responsive design (254 lines of CSS and 237 of HTML).

A word on photos.